Lea Marston Parish Council accounts

The Parish Council are responsible for the financial matters of the Council, and the Clerk is employed as the Responsible Finance Officer to oversee the administration of the accounts.  Councillors regularly review and monitor income and expenditure against the Councils' agreed budget for the year, with one Councillor having specific responsibility for reconciling the accounts against the bank statements.  All accounts for payment are considered and recommended for authorisation at the full Parish Council meeting.  

The financial year runs from April to March and the budget is set annually in December/January, ready for submitting the Parish Councils' precept request to North Warwickshire Borough Council in February. 

At the end of each financial year, the Council's accounts are audited by an internal auditor appointed by Council and an external auditor appointed by the Government.  An audit return is prepared and notices are placed on the Parish Council noticeboard advising that the accounts are available for inspection.  Copies of Audit Returns and previous years accounts are available for inspection at the Parish Council offices by appointment.

Administration of the accounts is governed by statute and the Parish Council's Financial Regulations as adopted by the Council.   


Internal Audit Report 2018.pdf Internal Audit Report 2018.pdf
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